Also known as Services Selection Board.SSB is basically the Personality and Intelligence Interview spread over 5 Days which scientifically analyses each candidate's potential and compatibility for commission into Indian Armed Forces In Trishul Defence Academy SSB Classes are run under the guidance of SSB GURU-Wg Cdr Anoop Mehrotra who himself was a GTO Officer with 19 SSB Board Army-(Allahabad) and 2 AFSB Board of Air Force-(Mysore) and 4 AFSB Board of Indian Air Force (Varanasi)

The Details of 15 Days are as Follows:

Day 1-Introduction to SSB and Officer Like Quality(OLQ)
Day2-Psychological Test -TAT
Day3- Psychological Test -TAT
Day4-Psychological Test- Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
Day5-Psychological Test-Word Association Test(WAT)
Day6-Self Description & PPDT
Day7-Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning
Day8-Group Testing-Group Discussions
Day9-Group Planning Exercise and Group Discussion
Day10-Progressive Group Task
Day 11 and Day 12-Balnce Of Group Testing on Outdoor GTO Ground
Day14-PPDT and GTO Revision

In Trishul Defence Academy we have 3 types of SSB Courses:-